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Our Experts

At Essential Escapes, we live and breathe luxury spas. Beyond the experts in our own team, we are also in touch with a network of experts in their fields, specialising in various aspects of health, beauty and wellness. This keeps us up to date on the latest and best that the world of spas has to offer. Put our expertise to the test!

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Our Experts

Wise words from our panel of experts: 

Read our interview with Susan Harmsworth, the founder of Espa, in this revealing feature: The Mother of all Spas

Read the personal story of Karina Stewart, the founder of Kamalaya: Interview with the founder of Kamalaya

Read about our managing director's extraordinary experience with healer, Paul Lennard, in Healing Hands

The health benefits of tea are revealed by expert Juyan Webster, with a unique discount for our clients, in The Health Secrets of Tea

Our helpful team here at Essential Escapes are experts too, having visited our worldwide spas and experienced the treatments on offer. Meet them here: Our Team 

Favourite Spas

Find out which spa our experts would choose

Balans Pilates Studio, Joakim Valsinger's Favourites

Beauty writer Bethan Cole's Favourites

Acupuncturist Kate Dixey's Favourite Spa

Nutrition Tips

Our Top Five Power Foods

 Seaweed: Rich in iron and calcium to fortify the blood and strengthen bone. Add to salads, miso soup or tuck into a sushi roll.

Seeds: Seeds like pumpkin, sesame, sunflower and flax contain omega 3 fatty acids, copper and zinc to maintain the structural integrity of joints.

Coconut Water: This natural re-hydrator offers an ideal blend of electrolytes to facilitate muscle contraction and prevent post-workout cramps.

Quinoa: The superior protein and folic acid content of this easy to digest grain makes it the perfect fuel to nourish and revive fatigued muscles.

Pomegranate: This fruit's powerful punch of phytochemicals and polyphenols helps repair tissues and protect against cartilage degeneration. 




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