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Welcome to the Essential Escapes blog, where we give you the latest from the frontline of luxury spa holidays. We interview experts in the field of wellbeing, and bring you unique first-hand reports from discerning spa-goers, covering every corner of the globe. Read our reviews from our hardworking team of spa testers!

Cheryl Visits Grand Velas Hotel and Spa Resort in Cancun

Booking a Spa treatment at the Signature Spa Grand Velas all suites Hotel & Spa Resort in Cancun is taking the first step on The Path to Wellbeing.
All guests are encouraged to prepare your body and relax your mind with the hydrothermal journey to help activate your metabolism. This is not for the faint hearted, as you are led from boiling hot sauna and steam to the ice room and eventually plunged into a hot and cold jacuzzi pool with numerous water cascades and jets in between.
I took the Path To Wisdom and had the Uumbal Shawl Massage (80 mins)- head to toe massage which aligns the body posture and cleans the energy channels.
As you enter the spa you are taken through the registration process easily with no fuss with fresh watermelon juice to enjoy. As you enter your Spa room you take part in a welcome ritual, invoking the four elements, your feet are placed in warm millet filled slippers and the whole experience is very spiritual.
You are massaged with cold lemons to make pressure, and then your limbs are stretched with the shawls-a pre-Hispanic method...heavenly...
As I relaxed in mental and physical euphoria after my sensational massage drinking my Organic green tea with low caffeine my masseur handed me the 2 lemons that she used for my massage in a brown paper bag , and told me to throw it into the ocean and make a wish!
An hour later I felt quite emotional as I stood on the beach, made my wish, and threw my brown paper bag into the blue waves of the Caribbean.


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